Payload kit

Navigation kit + synchronized global shutter & flashlight

Solution that includes navigation kit and a sensitive global-shutter camera synchronized with the powerful light source and the navigation kit. Can be installed on any drone to provide indoor navigation capability in total darkness. Also allows the drone to perform the surface coverage with high-quality imagery for technical inspections purposes
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    Sensitive camera

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    Scanning circular lidar

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    Laser Rangefinders

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    Stereo camera

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    Jetson TX2

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  • + Software

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    Sensitive camera

    IDS body and high-aperture Tamron lens together compose a global shutter camera – a perfect solution for a places with the lack of light.

    Optical sensor class:1/1.8"
    Pixel size:3.45 µm
    Frame rate:30 fps
    Angle of view:70.3° x 54.9°
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    Designed and customized for our specific purposes ultra-bright flashlight has power of 400w and exact synchronization with the global shutters of the cameras.