Technical inspections
of oil tanks

Safe. Innovative. Cost-effective.

These days drones are widely used in most manufacturing industries. They have proven their efficiency when GPS is available, but there is also an enormous need for drones in enclosed environments without GPS.

The constant improvements in modern drone/robotic technology enabled NTR to create a drone with the ability to navigate autonomously, without GPS, beacons, pre-existing maps, or human intervention. Programmed, but unmanned, drones can finally provide these valuable benefits to you.

Until recently, drone usage in technical inspections of enclosed areas had many limitations, including the need for well-trained and, therefore, highly paid pilots, which significantly reduced the advantages.

NTR’s navigation software was designed to change that.

Advanced routing and a carefully chosen payload means you can have a detailed photo shoot of the complete inner surface of the tank. Moreover, each frame is pinned to its coordinates providing extreme accuracy at each stage of inspection.

These pictures can be classified by a neural network trained to identify defects in oil tank surfaces. This saves you money by substantially reducing the number of expert hours required for the inspection.

What are the Benefits?

  • Safety

    No staff have to stay in the potentially dangerous area.

  • Time

    Reduces downtime, because scaffolding is no longer needed.

  • Costs

    Fewer people are needed to perform an inspection.