Public transport functions under close governmental control, but still has many vulnerabilities as proved by the thousands of accidents and delays that happen globally every year.

A common vulnerability is foreign objects on the rails. They pose an operational risk, and even a security risk, and must be examined and removed as quickly as possible.

If a driver notices something, all traffic on that line is stopped, typically for at least 20 minutes, possibly longer, until the safety crew arrives.

Drones have already proved their value assessing risk/security in a variety of venues, but not in GPS- denied and completely dark environments. With our SLAM implementation a drone can fly even in those unfriendly conditions, turning it into the perfect investigative tool. In just a few minutes a drone can reach the location, take high resolution images and bring them to a safety crew that can decide on the next step.

What are the benefits?

  • Time

    Makes the examination process much faster, more efficient and less costly.

  • Traffic

    Eliminates unnecessary tie-ups and shortens necessary ones, thus improving customer experience, without sacrificing safety.

  • Safety

    Know your enemy before you face it. A drone provides you all the necessary images and information needed to make an intelligent decision.