Construction is a complex process that consists of far more critical things than is apparent to the casual observer. Multiple logs generate excessive reports in an effort to create a cohesive view of the project. However, humans, under pressure to work faster, are prone to errors, so the technical logs are full of inaccuracies and mistakes, which frequently lead to multiple discrepancies between the architectural plans and the actual building.

By using NTR’s drone, with its autonomous routing, the inner aspects of the construction can be checked using real-time visual data to build a 3D model of the spaces. Next, a neural network compares the images with the actual specifications and identifies any inconsistencies.

The combination of accurate images and thorough analysis means the entire construction process becomes more transparent for contractors, inspectors, developers, and investors.

What are the benefits?

  • Accuracy

    Simpler, more precise monitoring of the entire construction process.

  • Transparency

    Images and analysis objectively documents construction.

  • Security

    Simple errors, code violations and intentional fraud are usually caught on video records.

  • Marketing

    Reliable advertising materials that please all stakeholders.